St. Lawrence INFO


The selected information is available for download in the following formats:

CSV: file format that stores tabular data separated by commas visible, among others, with Excel.

KMZ: file format which allowed the display of geospatial data visible, among others, with Google Earth.

XML: hierarchical computer file format used to record text data visible, among others, with Notepad.

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The "INFO Saint-Lawrence" Web application was developed by SLGO to provide georeferenced information specific to the St. Lawrence regarding public access, maritime heritage, as well as navigation.

With a few clicks, this mapping application allows the user to access information on shipwrecks, traditional lighthouses, maritime museums, historical sites, waterfront parks, as well as the numerous fishing village harbours bordering the St. Lawrence. Each point of interest is equipped with an information bubble that provides a summary of information and a hyperlink which leads to the websites of contributors, so that users can read more about their topic of interest.


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Maritime Heritage
Tourist Attractions
Ecological Areas of Interest
Warning: The information provided here his only indicative. Do not use for navigation purposes.