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St. Lawrence Marine Multistressors Platform-Stressors List

Note that if regional data are unavailable or not completed, global data will be used. This aspect is visually presented under the column Progress of the following table. Black boxes represent the progress on regional data and grey boxes represent the availability of global data.

Stressors Sub groups Data status Progress
Acidification Acidification In development
Aquaculture Aquaculture In development
Biomass extraction Fisheries In development
Climate change Sea surface temperature In development
Climate change Sea water level In development
Climate change UV Rays In development
Collisions Collisions In development
Disease Parasites & pathogens To develop
Disturbance Marine traffic In development
Disturbance Noise Seeking collaboration
Freshwater input Freshwater input In discussion
Habitat destruction/modification Coastal development Seeking collaboration
Habitat destruction/modification Direct human impact Seeking collaboration
Hypoxia Hypoxia In development
Ice cover Ice cover In development
Invasive species Invasive species In development
Plastic Plastic To develop
Pollution Accidental spill Seeking collaboration
Pollution Atmospheric pollution In development
Pollution Contaminant Seeking collaboration
Pollution Inorganic pollution Seeking collaboration
Pollution Marine pollution Seeking collaboration
Pollution Nutrient import Seeking collaboration
Pollution Organic pollution Seeking collaboration
Pollution Waste and sewage Seeking collaboration
Sedimentary flux Sedimentary flux In development
Toxic algae Toxic algae In development

Black boxes: regional data; grey boxes: global data