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7. Tools

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Although several initiatives and references have been presented throughout the document, the following are offered as additional suggestions:


The data life cycle as described earlier requires a series of procedures and frameworks specific to each one of its phases. The overall process is documented as a data management plan.

Appendix 1 is presented as a data management planning tool and also as a checklist. It will serve as a reminder of the entire data management process and will help monitor all elements of the plan as they were detailed throughout this document.


Generally, ocean observation systems such as the US Integrated Ocean Observing System use Web platforms as data dissemination tools. In Quebec, a large number of data producers benefit from using the St. Lawrence Global Observatory as their official data dissemination mechanism.

Another example is the PANGAEA 1 information system which is a data sharing tool covering a wide selection of geoscientific and environmental datasets. It has search functions, allows for data archiving and provides a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to help reference data and give credit to authors.


During regular SLGO members annual meetings (Rencontres annuelles d'orientation des membres - ROM) as well as those of the SLGO Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), the needs of universities, NGOs and government partners have been widely discussed. One of the main issues identified was the need to increase the organizations' internal data management capabilities. One of the proposed solutions was the implementation of an environmental data management system (EDMS) as an open source application. Although that type of development requires a lot of efforts, this a relatively low-cost option for organizations and it can also serve as an incentive for them to adopt best practices and a sustainable approach to data management. Along with experts from DFO and UQAR-ISMER, SLGO has developed such an EDMS Web application.


As a national solution, DFO has also developed an application called JMetaWriter available in both French and English. This application can be deployed on SLGO partners' infrastructures to help them document their datasets and consequently feed international data infrastructures.

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