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4. Data Sustainability

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As discussed earlier, data archiving and conservation procedures and mechanisms are key to efficient and sustainable data access. This is very eloquently described in an Archives de France document on the importance of scientific and technical documents long-term conservation. It is stated that while data collection is highly expensive and technological breakthrough are essential, the loss of data would be a regression, an irreversible loss of scientific capital which is in turn critical to any new discovery.1

Currently, as products and services are becoming increasingly numerical, managing the entire data life cycle is no longer optional but turns out to be essential. The growing demand for data requires the capacity to efficiently respond.

4.1 Data Management Implementation

Good data management and sharing provide benefits for both data producers and users, namely by:

  • contributing to scientific progress;
  • increasing exposure of scientific research;
  • helping to comply to funding agency policies;
  • reducing duplication of research efforts;
  • allowing to reproduce and validate results;
  • increasing cooperation opportunities.
  1. Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. 2003. La valorisation et la pérennisation des données scientifiques et techniques. Bulletin des Archives de France sur la conservation à long terme des documents électroniques. N° 10. 2003. 8 p.