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3. Data Life Cycle

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3.7.3 Visualization and Analysis

Data producers can use a variety of tools in order to see their data and better understand and analyse them. Whether it is a map, a chart or a table, vizualisation tools provide options for combining various informations into a single view which helps to identify trends or anomalies.

TIME-SERIES VISUALIZATION: Web tool allowing users to move through series of water level forecasts for the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence for selected time periods. Source: St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO).

Data visualization tools can help refine the data validation process. For example, using a map to view data point distribution and sampling locations can help identify possible errors in geographical coordinates.

DISTRVSPATIAL VISUALIZATION: striped bass sampling stations showing presence/absence of specimens. The tool helps users move throughout the dataset by selecting sectors, fishing gear, year and species. Source: St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO).