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3. Data Life Cycle

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3.7.5 User Feedback

A good example of how important data management can be is how highly the United States considers science. On February 18, 2015, the US Government has appointed Dr D.J. Patil to the White House as its first US Chief Data Scientist. By creating this "data champion" key position within its administration, the state sends a clear signal with respect to the significance of data and the many ways they can be used to serve citizens. 1 Patil has even stated that user feedback is the most important component of data science development.2 In the current document, it is discussed in the last step of the data life cycle (Ref. Section 3. under "Utilization"). Although it is shown here closing the loop, user feedback can however be included at every step of the data management process. Comments and suggestions from user groups can be very useful when trying to improve and adjust processes. They are a definite benefit to data producers who agree to give them consideration.