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3. Data Life Cycle

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3.7 Utilization

3.7.1 Licences and Rights

Similar to the data access framework, data utilisation requires clearly defined rules and boundaries. A licence is a tool that can be used to let users know how the data owner wishes to manage the exploitation of its data. There is a wide range of licence types, which often complicates the situation for both producers and data users1. However, there is a trend towards simplification and openness as can be seen with GEOSS's efforts to facilitate access to earth observation data2.

As an example, a licence can include the following elements:

  • Letting users copy and distribute data by stating:
    "Anyone can, without authorization and free of charge, copy, publish, adapt, translate and communicate by any means, any document, data and information available on this site"
  • Demanding that credit be given to author(s) or data owner according to a specific format:
    "… conditional to citing the source as follows:
  • Allowing (or not) commercial use of data:
    "…use of data for personal or commercial use…".
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