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3. Data Life Cycle

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3.7.4 Decision making Products and Services

Decision making is a process that requires analyzing the context, identifying stakeholders, and assessing risks, issues, uncertainties and consequences. Science is often a key component of decision making; therefore it has to be accessible, worthy and understandable.

The Old Harry project, taking place in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is a good example of how science plays a role in a context of oil & gaz exploration and pressure placed upon a region. On the one hand, Bourgault et al (2014) 1 have shown that industry's decision making process and policies were lacking scientific considerations. On the other hand, ocean circulation models have shown the most sensitive areas to oil spills. These results, and those of upcoming studies, will become the knowledge base for any future implementation of oil & gaz exploitation projects in this region.

  1. Bourgault, D., F. Cyr, D. Dumont and A. Carter. 2014. Numerical simulations of the spread of floating passive tracer released at the Old Harry prospect. Environ. Res. Lett. 9 054001. 14 p.