SLGO: Taking Data to the Next Level

SLGO: Taking Data to the Next Level over the past 15 years

September 8, 2021, marks the launch of the communications campaign Taking Data to the Next Level.

Throughout this campaign we will be producing contents aimed at highlighting our work and that of our partners. Our communications will promote the data collected on the St. Lawrence and demonstrate the critical part they play in the sustainable development of its fragile ecosystem.

Running through 2022, we will create a series of publications, such as :

  • Articles, interviews and tutorial that will be published on our brand new blog;
  • Thematic series on navigation, biodiversity and other themes, linked with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development;
  • Targeted calls for data related to the thematic series;
  • Presentations of our visualization tools showing their uses;
  • Presentations on our social media of our team members.

The St. Lawrence, which flows from the Great Lakes to the Maritime Provinces, have united people living on its coasts over centuries. It has shaped our history, our identity and our economy, making us what we are today: a vibrant and dynamic nation.

Our river, estuary and gulf are also facing multiple challenges: intensification of human activities, climate change, efforts to protect biodiversity, etc.

On the Importance of Data

How to reconcile these conflicting issues? How to make optimal decisions for the management of the land and human activities? The challenge is colossal. Efficient, fast and free access to data collected on the St. Lawrence River is essential for an evidence-based decision making-process. Although this is a recognized principle, obstacles to data access remain numerous today, such as underfunding of data archiving activities of research projects, or the lack of specialized training in environmental data management.

Since its creation 15 years ago, SLGO has been tackling these issues in order to disseminate as much data as possible in an attempt to paint a comprehensive picture of the St. Lawrence ecosystem. Over the years, our network has grown to include more than 60 partners. Everyday, we work in partnership with them to integrate their data into our platform; we develop data visualization tools and understand their needs in terms of data access or dissemination. In addition, our platform offers our partners national and international visibility.

A Dynamic and Creative Team

Our team is made up of 16 employees from various professional backgrounds. All competent, but also passionate and dedicated to maximizing the potential of data collected on the St. Lawrence. We are here to listen to you. By understanding where you want to go, we adapt our services and support, and we develop tools that meet your needs. Our data managers are available and responsive. They are here to improve your databases and guide you through the process of complying with international standards. Since the beginning of 2021, SLGO has developed and launched a training program. The first training was on the management of biodiversity data and metadata. Our resounding success encouraged us to develop other types of training that will be shortly available to everyone.

SLGO Is Taking Data to the Next Level

Due to our meticulous work, SGLO has gained recognition and is now a reference for access to data on the St. Lawrence. The centralization of data on our platform is a prerequisite for a better understanding and management of all the activities that occur on our majestic St. Lawrence.

SLGO is taking data to the next level to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.