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Tide gauges - Data Information

Characteristics of the Water Level

Web services from the Canadian Hydrographic Service to access tides, currents and water levels dara are available at the following address:

Quality control

Verification and validation of raw data from the water level gauges are made by automated processes. Sensors installed on SINECO stations provide three simultaneous measures of water level in addition to the environmental data of that specific position (temperature, salinity, atmospheric pressure). This redundancy of information combined to the calculated forecast of water level are both important processes link to data quality control. So, data classified as:

  • "Probably good" refers to data issued every 3 minutes that meet the first verification step. This step compares the redundant measures from the different sensors and the minimum and maximum limits determined for each station.


  • "Good" refers to data issued every 15 minutes that have gone through the process of first and second steps of quality control. The second step takes into account previous measures and other criteria. Thus, in the SINECO system, acceptance limits for new observations are defined by the values of the forecasts and its standard error associated.

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