Mingan Atlas of Currents, Gulf of St. Lawrence - Context

The charts in this Atlas show the intensity and direction of the surface currents in the Mingan Archipelago, between Île aux Perroquets and La Grande Pointe, where the tides and the freshwater outflow dominate the circulation of the surface waters.

Warning • This Atlas was not designed for navigation purposes.
It is a tool to support decision making in the case of an oil spill in this area.

The Atlas does not take in account the influence of local wind blowing over the Mingan Archipelago. These winds can generate surface currents that add to the tidal currents shown in this Atlas.

In particular, strong winds (more than 20 knots) over the Jacques Cartier Strait can generate surface currents that significantly affect the ones in the Mingan Archipelago. In the event of a Small Craft Warning issued by the Canadian Meteorological Service of Environment Canada, users should refer to the surface current forecast for the Jacques Cartier Strait under the section Ocean Forecasts of the St. Lawrence Global Observatory. The forecasted currents for this area will influence the ones in the Mingan Archipelago.

The Atlas of tidal currents in Mingan Archipelago is a product of the Pelagic and Ecosystem Science Branch and the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Quebec Region.

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Reviewed: 2017-11-07