Building on its expertise, SLGO can offer consulting services to its members geared towards the design and development of information infrastructures and Web applications, particularly suited for scientific research and access to scientific information.

Design, development and implementation of Web applications and Web services

SLGO offers Web application development services best suited to meet your needs and your projects specific characteristics whether to facilitate the exchange of information with partners and customers or any other context. Web applications developed by SLGO are user friendly, performing, ergonomic, and adaptable.
Application features include:

  • Interactive mapping tool
  • Distribution maps
  • Access to real-time data
  • Access to archives
  • Content update interfaces
  • Time series graphs
  • Detailed geospatial information
  • Customized data downloads
  • PDF report creation on request

Examples of application

Visualization of Products Species Identification Guide Ocean Forecasts Biodiversity Remote Sensing

SLGO can also develop Web services based on a set of standard protocols such as XML markup language, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), etc. These services allow remote access or data exchange via Internet regardless of the platforms and computer languages used.


Access to scientific data on the St. Lawrence

Through its network of members, SLGO has access to a tremendous amount of scientific data.
Contact us in order to discuss your data access projects.


Implementation of information infrastructures and observatories

Web Services

1. Web Service Listing
2. Web Service Search and Discovery
3. Access to a Web Service

With its multidisciplinary team, SLGO can offer project management consulting services geared toward the design and development of an information infrastructure tailored to your data access needs.

Strong of its experience as a scientific information infrastructure for the St. Lawrence, SLGO also offers a model that has proven itself both nationally and internationally. The observatory concept as well as its inter-jurisdictional governance structure, both developed by SLGO, can very well adapt to fit your initiative wherever it is located.