Marine Conditions - Context [pending revision]

The “Marine Conditions” application developed by the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO) displays a wide range of recent and near real-time data collected by various monitoring systems installed in a vast territory from the Great Lakes to the St. Lawrence Gulf. Thus, this Web application allows the visualization and access to multiple physico-chemical data measured by sensors from buoys, tide gauges, thermographs, radars and meteorological stations. Data related to air, currents, water, waves and winds are available.

The main goal of this Web application is to optimize data discovery and valorization with a simplified research process and to offer an integrated access to data sources from several organizations member of SLGO. The partner organizations of the project are:

Main functionalities

The “Marine Conditions” application incorporates multiple intuitive functionalities that allow the user, among other things, to search for parameters and stations for a specific period of time using filters and to have different data display modes (map, table, chart and real time).

Selection filters allow to refine research results and to actualize the different visualization modes displayed. They also adjust the choices available for the other filters of the application, for instance available data vary by station type. It allows the user to be guide through data selection thus avoiding requests without results.

The application offers different access modes to data.

MAIN SCREEN: Offers a map view of the stations for which recent data are available. The time period can be modified to view data for a previous period.

DATA STATION: Provides a time series in graphical or tabular mode for available data from each instrument installed on the selected station.

DASHBOARD: Allows seeing in real-time (+ 24h -24h period) all the parameters available for one station. Data are refreshed automatically.

CONTROL CENTER: As the dashboard, it allows to rapidly visualize real-time data. Furthermore, the “control center” is a customizable tool that allows the user to select and visualize the parameters from different stations at the same time with the same user friendly look as the dashboard. An additional filter allows to fix a specific period for each parameters.

We invite you to take a look at this tutorial:

Data availability

In order to optimize the application performance, archived data for the different stations are available for a specific limited period of time for each data source. Please note that period of data availability can vary for each data provider and each type of station, for instance the buoys collect data only during the summer period. For more information on each data sources or on availability of previous archives than those proposed in “Marine Conditions”, please visit the summary section of each data.

Conditions of use

It is possible to download raw data, however please always read and respect the conditions of use displayed when downloading and be sure to quote properly the source when using data obtained through SLGO portal. For more information, consult the section “Conditions of use” and “Source identification“.

How to help improve the offer of information disseminated by the “Marine Conditions” application. If your organization possesses monitoring gears for real-time data collection and if you are interested in sharing your data through the application, visit our member section or contact us: directly.