Environmental Data Archive - Variable glossary

412EIrradiance at 412 nmIrradiance at 412 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
412ESDEVIrradiance at 412 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 412 nm standard deviation [W/cm**2/nm]
412LRadiance at 412 mmRadiance at 412 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
412LSDEVRadiance at 412 nm standard deviationRadiance at 412 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
443EIrradiance at 443 nmIrradiance at 443 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
443ESDEVIrradiance at 443 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 443 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
443LRadiance at 443 nmRadiance at 443 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
443LSDEVRadiance at 443 nm standard deviationRadiance at 443 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
490EIrradiance at 490 nmIrradiance at 490 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
490ESDEVIrradiance at 490 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 490 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
490LRadiance at 490 nmRadiance at 490 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
490LSDEVRadiance at 490 nm standard deviationRadiance at 490 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
510EIrradiance at 510 nmIrradiance at 510 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
510ESDEVIrradiance at 510 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 510 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
510LRadiance at 510 nmRadiance at 510 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
510LSDEVRadiance at 510 nm standard deviationRadiance at 510 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
555EIrradiance at 555 nmIrradiance at 555 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
555ESDEVIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 555 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
555LRadiance at 555 nmRadiance at 555 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
555LSDEVRadiance at 555 nm standard deviationRadiance at 555 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
669EIrradiance at 669 nmIrradiance at 669 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
669ESDEVIrradiance at 669 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 669 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
669LRadiance at 669 nmRadiance at 669 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
669LSDEVRadiance at 669 nm standard deviationRadiance at 669 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
683EIrradiance at 683 nmIrradiance at 683 nm [uW/cm**2/nm]
683ESDEVIrradiance at 683 nm standard deviationIrradiance at 683 nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm]
683LRadiance at 683 nmRadiance at 683 nm [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
683LSDEVRadiance at 683 nm standard deviationRadiance at 683nm standard deviation [uW/cm**2/nm/sr]
ALKYAlkalinityTotal alkalinity [mmol/m**3]
AMONAmmoniumAmmonium (NH4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
ATMPAtmospheric pressureAtmospheric pressure [hPa]
ATP_ATPAdenosine triphosphate content (ATP) [mg/m**3]
AUTHAuthorName of the person who first published the name and description of the organism [ ]
BATHBathymetrySea bottom depth from water surface [m]
BNO7NODC CodeTaxonomic code assigned by the NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center)and in use in the last version (7) of this system [ ]
CAL_Caloric contentCaloric content measured by a bomb calorimeter [cal/mg]
CDOMCDOMColoured (chromophoric) dissolved organic matter: component of dissolved organic matter measurable by fluorescence [mg/m**3]
CDOMSDEVCDOM standard deviationColoured (chromophoric) dissolved organic matter standard deviation [mg/m**3]
CDWTCalculated dry weightDry weight of organisms calculated from a linear regression [mg/m**3]
CMETCollection methodMethod used for sample collection [ ]
CMNTCommentComment [ ]
CMNT1CommentComment [ ]
CMNT2CommentComment [ ]
CNDCConductivityElectrical conductivity [S/m]
CNTRRecord numberLine number in the data file [ ]
COLLCollectorName of the data collector or data custodian [ ]
CPHLChlorophyll aChlorophyll a content [mg/m**3]
CRATConductivity ratioConductivity ratio [ ]
DENSDensityWater density [kg/m**3]
DEPHDepthDepth from water surface [m]
DEPH_MAXMaximum depthMaximum depth from water surface [m]
DEPH_MINMinimum depthMinimum depth from water surface [m]
DEPH_NOMNominal depthNominal depth from water surface [m]
DOC_Dissolved organic carbonDissolved organic carbon concentration [mmol/m**3]
DOXYDissolved oxygenDissolved oxygen concentration [mL/L]
DPDTDescent rateInstrument lowering rate [m/s]
DRWTDry weightDry weight of organisms [g]
DRWT_M3Dry biomassDry weight of organisms per volume units [g/m**3]
DRYTTemperatureDry bulb temperature [degrees C]
ERRVError velocityError estimate of measured velocity (ADCP) [m/s]
EWCMEast speed (magnetic)East (magnetic) component of current [m/s]
EWCTEast speedEast (true) component of current [m/s]
FFFFQuality codeQuality control code [ ]
FLORFluorescenceChlorophyll concentration from fluorometer [mg/m**3]
FLORSDEVFluorescence standard deviationChlorophyll concentration from fluorometer standard deviation [mg/m**3]
FLU_FluorescenceFluorescence [%]
GSPDGust wind speedGust wind speed [m/s]
HCDTCurrent directionHorizontal current direction (true) [degrees]
HCSPCurrent speedHorizontal current speed [m/s]
HEADHeadingHeading (true) [degrees]
HGHTHeightHeight above sea level [m]
IDENSample identifierUnique sample number [ ]
LATDLatitudeLatitude (north positive) [degrees]
LATD_MAXMaximum latitudeMaximum latitude (north positive) [degrees]
LATD_MINMinimum latitudeMinimum latitude (north positive) [degrees]
LCHLChlorophyll > 5 umChlorophyll a content from cells > 5 um [mg/m**3]
LHISDevelopment stageDevelopment stage of organism [ ]
LONDLongitudeLongitude (east positive) [degrees]
LOND_MAXMaximum longitudeMaximum longitude (est positive) [degrees]
LOND_MINMinimum longitudeMinimum longitude (est positive) [degrees]
LPHAPhaeopigments > 5 umPhaeopigment content from cells > 5 um [mg/m**3]
MESHMeshNet mesh size [micron]
MNSZMinimum sizeMinimum size of organisms [micron]
MODFModifierAdditional taxonomic information [ ]
MXSZMaximum sizeMaximum size of organisms [micron]
NSCMNorth speed (magnetic)North (magnetic) component of current [m/s]
NSCTNorth speedNorth (true) component of current [m/s]
NTRANitrateNitrate (NO3) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NTRINitriteNitrite (NO2) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NTRZNitrate+nitriteNitrate + nitrite (NO3+NO2) concentration [mmol/m**3]
NUM_Number of scansNumber of scans averaged [ ]
OCUROxygen sensor currentOxygen sensor current [uA]
OSATOxygen saturationPercent oxygen saturation [%]
OTMPOxygen sensor temperatureOxygen sensor internal temperature [degrees C]
OXV_Oxygen sensor voltageRaw oxygen voltage [V]
PHA_PhaeopigmentsPhaeopigment content [mg/m**3]
PHOSPhosphatePhosphate (PO4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
PHPHpHHydrogen ion concentration [NBS scale]
PHY_CountsPhytoplankton counts [10**3 cells/L]
PIM_Particulate inorganic matterParticulate inorganic matter content [g/m**3]
PLT_Incident lightPercentage of the incident surface light at the sampled depth [%]
POC_Particulate organic carbonParticulate organic carbon content [mmol/m**3]
POM_Particulate organic matterParticulate organic matter content [g/m**3]
PON_Particulate organic nitrogenParticulate organic nitrogen content [mmol/m**3]
POTMPotential temperaturePotential temperature (IPTS-68 scale) [degrees C]
PPR_Primary productionPrimary production obtained by incubation [mgC/m**3/h]
PRESPressureWater pressure [decibars]
PROCProcedureIdentifies the state of the sample analysis [ ]
PRSNÀ compléterIndicates presence (1) or absence (0) of organisms if not counted [ ]
PSALSalinityWater practical salinity [PSU]
PSARPARPhotosynthetically active radiation (400-700 nm) [uE/s/m**2]
PTCHPitch anglePitch angle [degrees]
PTCHSDEVPitch angle standard deviationPitch angle standard deviation [degrees]
RELHRelative humidityRelative humidity [%]
ROLLRoll angleRoll angle [degrees]
ROLLSDEVRoll angle standard deviationRoll angle standard deviation [degrees]
SDEVStandard deviationStandard deviation of preceding variable [same units]
SECCSecchi depthSecchi depth [m]
SEX_SexSex of organism [ ]
SIGPSigma-thetaWater sigma-theta [kg/m**3]
SIGTSigma-tWater sigma-t [kg/m**3]
SLCASilicateSilicate (SIO4) concentration [mmol/m**3]
SPARSurface PARPhotosynthetically active radiation at water surface [uE/s/m**2]
SPARSDEVSurface PAR standard deviationSurface PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) standard deviation [uE/s/m**2]
SPFRSample fractionFraction of sample analyzed (0.0-1.0) [ ]
SSALSalinityWater salinity [g/kg or o/oo]
STATIONStation nameStation name []
SVELSound velocitySound velocity [m/s]
SYTMTimeDate/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
SYTM_MAXEnd timeEnd date/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
SYTM_MINStart timeStart date/time; format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.ss [UTC]
TAXNTaxonomic nameTaxonomic name of organism or group [ ]
TE90TemperatureWater temperature (ITS-90 scale) [degrees C]
TEMPTemperatureWater temperature (IPTS-68 scale) [degrees C]
TILTTilt angleTilt angle [degrees]
TILTSDEVTilt angle standard deviationTilt angle standard deviation [degrees]
TLENBSEQSequential numberSequential number attached to organisms having a given mean total length [ ]
TLENCNTPLength frequencyPercentage of organisms having a given mean total length [%]
TLENCOLLCollectorCollector’s name [ ]
TLENLBINLower bin sizeLower bin size of organisms total length [mm]
TLENQQQQQuality codeQuality control code of organisms having a given total length [ ]
TLENTLENMean lengthMean total length of organisms [mm]
TLENUBINUpper bin sizeUpper bin size of organisms total length [mm]
TRANTransmittanceTransmittance [%]
TRPHTrophic descriptorTerm describing the organism’s trophic position or compartment [ ]
TSM_Total suspended matterTotal suspended matter content [g/m**3]
TSN_TSNTaxonomic Serial Number (TSN) assigned by ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System). The identifier is unique, persistent, and non-intelligent (i.e., it contains no meaning of any kind) [ ]
URE_UreaUrea concentration [mmol/m**3]
VCSPVertical speedVertical current speed (positive up) [m/s]
WDIRWind directionWind direction (true) [degrees]
WSPDWind speedHorizontal wind speed [m/s]
WTWTWet weightWet weight of organisms [g]
WTWT_M3Wet biomassWet weight of organisms per volume units [g/m**3]
ZOO_CountsZooplankton counts [ind.]
ZOO__M3DensityZooplancton counts per volume units [ind./m**3]