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Freshwater Runoffs

Freshwater RunoffsMonthly average for Quebec City. »

Ecosystem Modeling

Ecosystem ModelingResults of a comparative analysis of changes in the ecosystem structure and mechanisms including predator-prey relationships. »

Taxonomic List

Taxonomic ListList of names and species codes for marine vertebrates, invertebrates and plants as described in Fisheries and Oceans' Maurice Lamontagne Institute database. »

Mingan Atlas of Currents

Mingan Atlas of CurrentsIntensity and direction of surface currents in the Mingan Archipelago, between Île aux Perroquets and La Grande Pointe, where tides and freshwater outflow dominate surface water circulation. »

Sampling Protocols

Sampling ProtocolsProtocols for the collection of biological data about marine species of commercial value in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. »

Georeferenced Images

Georeferenced ImagesCollections of photographs about the St. Lawrence: coastal communities, living species, ships and human activities. »

Carbon Cycle

Carbon CycleInformation about atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and global warming. »

Toxic Phytoplankton

Toxic PhytoplanktonAnnual surveys of phytoplankton species abundance and seawater physical & chemical characteristics. »

Publication Directory

Directory of PublicationsBibliography of selected research projects. »

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