The observatory concept covers the range of activities, capacities and infrastructures for the collection, management, analysis, processing, modelling and dissemination of data, information knowledge, and value-added products and services implemented by data producers in response to user needs.

The St. Lawrence Global Observatory represents the collective information, expertise and means implemented by member organizations and the SLGO Corporation.

observatory concept - SLGO

Setting up an observatory such as the SLGO is creating a data value chain. At one end, data from ecosystems monitoring activities is produced then processed, documented and standardized by SLGO member organisations. SLGO makes information products and services available for decision makers and end users by efficiently integrating its members' quality data and information.

SLGO's collaborative approach contributes to reducing duplicated efforts and collective costs of data dissemination by creating synergy between data producers and by fostering sharing of means and expertise.

By being a key component of the information infrastructure, SLGO promotes data valorization which contributes to addressing societal issues and translating into socio-economic benefits.