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Joining SLGO means gaining international visibility and being part of the community that works to pool valuable information sources on the St. Lawrence.

About us

The St. Lawrence Global Observatory is a non-profit organization bringing together a network of scientists, observers, modellers and managers from universities, research organizations, provincial and federal departments, environmental and community groups and the industry. SLGO’s team is well-known for its Web development expertise.

SLGO, is a unique Web portal providing access to quality scientific information.

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Our mission

Since 2005, we have been determined to combine the strengths of data producers in order to facilitate data sharing, discovery and re-use and also to provide the most relevant information to users, scientists and decision-makers in response to societal issues in areas such as:

  • Fisheries;
  • Navigation;
  • Sustainable exploitation of natural resources;
  • Integrated ecosystem management;
  • Coastal development;
  • Tourism…

How do we achieve this?

We work in close cooperation with our members and our Scientific Advisory Committee in order to identify relevant data sources prior to their dissemination and to ensure that recognized standards are used and respected. Our technological expertise and our ability to develop Web applications contribute to data valorization and help users discover and use multiple sources of valuable data.

Why support SLGO’s mission?

To ensure the long-term access to the best data sources, to take advantage of data discovery and decision-making tools or to disseminate and valorize your datasets. Thanks to your support, we can accomplish the following:

  • Integrate and provide access to new databases;
  • Develop new visualization tools to facilitate data discovery;
  • Support efficient decision-making processes in areas such as navigation, resources management, research, and more;
  • Maintain and improve our computer systems.

Which type of membership is suitable? Active or associate member, benefactor?

Active Members

Data producing organizations interested in SLGO’s mission (governments, universities, NGOs, research institutes, etc.).


  • Participation in SLGO’s Board of Directors;
  • Collaboration with a large network of data producers as well as industrial and community partners; participation in various multi-partner joint projects;
  • Participation in the development of a global solution to data access issues;
  • Participation in SLGO’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC);
  • Extensive exposure via the world renowned SLGO Web portal;
  • Participation in SLGO activities such as training, members meetings and annual assembly.

Associate Members

Various organizations (consultants, harbour authorities, fishing or aquaculture associations, NGOs, etc.) supporting SLGO’s mission and interested in its members’ data.


Associations, moral or physical persons supporting SLGO’s mission.

Can individuals support SLGO?

Yes, the membership for  allows anyone wishing to support SLGO to do so. Individuals are benefactors and their contribution is done on a voluntary basis.

Your participation is appreciated!

The SGLO Team