Access to applications and data

Ocean Forecasts

Ocean ForecastsWater levels, currents, sea ice conditions and surface water temperature forecasts from official data sources: Canadian Hydrographic Service (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) and Environment and Climate Change Canada. »

Marine Conditions

Marine ConditionsReal-time and archive data from a network of scientific instruments deployed across the St. Lawrence: buoys, tide gauges, thermographs and weather stations. »


BiodiversityScientific data about the abundance and distribution of species living in the St. Lawrence. »


NavigationData and information integrated into a single Web interface: tides, observations, forecasts, marine traffic, infrastructures and other sites of interest. »


Crowdsourcing ToolsCrowdsourcing Web tools allowing citizens to document the presence and distribution of species living in the St. Lawrence (including capelin, marine mammals and certain species at risk) and to contribute to enhancing the "Biodiversity" application.

Environmental References

Environmental ReferencesGeneral interest documentation presented in a user-friendly interface: protected areas, natural sites and restoration plans. »

Access to informative content

American Lobster

American LobsterEverything about lobster: its growth, habitat, feeding habits, the history of lobster fishing and how this resource is managed. »


BiodiversityInformation about data sources, objectives of member organizations' sampling programs, sampling methods, species biology and their importance.

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP)

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP)Results of the Fisheries and Oceans Canada's AZMP program whose objectives are the detection, monitoring and forecasting of environmental changes in the St. Lawrence and Atlantic zone ecosystems. »

Marine Species Identification Guide

Species Identification GuideIdentification of marine species of the St. Lawrence ecosystem: names (French, English and scientific), photographs and characteristics of various species along with their distribution. »

I am a Marine Safety Inspector for Transport Canada, Quebec office, and I use your SLGO Web site during our winter period, your work is very valuable to us for our predictions.

Martin Desaulniers
Inspector, Marine Safety - Transport Canada