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Application integrating in a single Web interface, as much relevant data as possible for mariners.
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St. Lawrence Areas

St. Lawrence Areas

INFO St. Lawrence Zones: 2-3-4
INFO St. Lawrence

Access to the river

Information tool on maritime heritage and navigation.
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Ocean Forecasts Archives ForecastsZones: 3-4
Ocean Forecasts

Surface Currents
Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness
Water Levels

Interactive map providing access to ocean forecasts for the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.
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Georeferenced Images ArchivesZones: 2-3-4
Georeferenced Images

Photograph collections: coastal areas, living species, vessels, human activities.
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St. Lawrence Tides Archives ForecastsZones: 2-3-4
St. Lawrence Tides

Tides, currents and water levels

Predicted times and heights of high and low waters, and hourly water.
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Mingan Atlas of currents Archives Real Time Zone: 4
Mingan Atlas of currents


Intensity and direction of surface currents in the Mingan Archipelago, between Île aux Perroquets and La Grande Pointe, where tides and freshwater outflow dominate the circulation of surface waters.
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