Biodiversity ArchivesZones: 2-3-4

Information on the presence, abundance and distribution of living species found in the St. Lawrence such as: invertebrates, marine mammals, birds, and fish.
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St. Lawrence Areas

St. Lawrence Areas

Marine SpeciesArchivesZones: 3-4
Marine Species


Marine species identification guide for the St. Lawrence.
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American Lobster ArchivesZones: 4
American Lobster

All about lobster: its habitat, how it grows, its food, the history of lobster fishing and resource management.
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Georeferenced Images ArchivesZones: 3-4
Georeferenced Images

Photograph collections: coastal areas, living species, vessels, human activities.
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Ecosystem Modeling ArchivesZone: 4
Ecosystem Modeling

Results of the CDEENA Program : comparative analysis of changes in the structure and functions of ecosystems.
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Toxic Phytoplankton ArchivesZones: 3-4
Toxic Phytoplankton

Annual records of the abundance of phytoplankton species and physical & chemical seawater characteristics.
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Oceanographic Data Management System - ODMS ArchivesZones: 3-4
Oceanographic Data Management System - ODMS

Physical and Biological Oceanography

Oceanographic data archives.
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Sentinel Fisheries ArchivesZone: 4
Sentinel Fisheries

Results of the "Sentinel Fisheries" Program: a science & fishing industry collaboration for the collection of data about abundance and distribution of groundfish species in the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
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OBIS System
OBIS System

The Ocean Biogreographic information System (OBIS) seeks to absorb, integrate, and assess isolated datasets into a larger, more comprehsensive picture of life in our oceans.
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Algues marines à valeur commerciale du Québec - PDF, 597 KB [French only]
Contribution of the Centre d'étude et de valorisation des algues marines (CÉVAM Québec)

Le Saint-Laurent, ce grand fleuve qui coule en nous - PDF, 9,8 MB [French only]
Collaborative work of Nature sauvage and Fondation David Suzuki